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Quick Site Updates with SiteWalk.

Update your site quickly and easily. View your website just like your customer would - and actively edit the content as you go. Just point, click and edit your pages, with full access to the HTML code.

Keep It Consistent.

With site wide templates, you keep the professional design you pay for, on every page you create or edit. Think of it as a photo frame wrapping around the content you create, keeping the professional look and feel on every page.

Make it Social.

Don’t let your business be left behind. Create and control an unlimited number of blogs, forums, and RSS feeds. Keep your customers up to date with your business, and keep your business up to date with their ideas and comments.

Control Who Sees What.

Make any part of your site a Secure Zone, assigning customers unique usernames and passwords. Keep private information secure or sell access to a Secure Zone to customers, on a subscription basis.

Stay Organized.

Use Modules to manage announcements, bookings, photo galleries and FAQs, or try the Web App Wizard to create whatever you like. The only limit is your imagination!

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Sell Anything.

You can create an unlimited number of products, then organise them in catalogues. You can even sell downloadable eProducts.

More Targeted Marketing.

Every customer who interacts with your site has their details automatically captured into your integrated CRM system. Keep a history of customer orders and actions, run loyalty programs based on segmented customer lists, or link targeted Email Marketing to these specific segments.

Easy Shipping Integration.

Out of the box shipping integration with FedEx, USPS, DHL and Australia Post allows you to cater to a global market. Offer your customers a range of payment options, with support for a growing list of payment gateways.

Search Engine Friendly.

Search engine friendly URLs mean that your business and online store can be found with ease. Search Engine Optimization will be a breeze, with all URLs containing the product or catalogue name and automatically generated Google Sitemaps XML files.

Measure your success.

Powerful analytics and reporting tools allow you to measure the popularity of products, shopping cart abandonment rates and much more, so you know exactly how your Online Store is performing and why.

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Customer Relationship Management

Get To Know Your Customers.

With integrated customer relationship management built-in, every interaction your customers have with your business is logged, building their unique profile and history. You can also import any existing customer databases, using Excel spreadsheets.

Watch Your Customers, Live.

Your online business has a live feed of customer actions, on your dashboard. Whenever customers open a newsletter, submit a web form, purchase a product and so forth, you can see their action appear in real time on your live feed.

Create Automated Workflows.

You can automate SMS and email notifications to allocated users of the system, notifying them of important events. Trigger these workflows business-wide, to ensure your online business is always on its feet.

Easily Manage Customer Details.

You can edit and sort customer details, all from one simple to use, central interface. Monitor and control cases, orders, access privileges and subscriptions with ease.

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Email Marketing

Targeted, Effective Marketing.

Build targeted customer lists based on information gathered from any part of your online business. This includes past order information, web form submissions, forum membership, blog comments and much more.

Reach Everybody.

Send up to 10,000 emails per month as part of an unlimited number of personalized email marketing campaigns. This means that you can reach out to more customers, for less.

Automate Your Campaigns.

Set up an automated campaign, delivering a highly-personalized and professional looking email to any potential or existing customer. You can automate a string of newsletters to be sent out at intervals, or even link the delivery to customer specific dates such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Start with a Template.

We provide you with a range of industry and occasion specific templates for your email campaigns, each fully customizable to suit your needs and with full access to the HTML code. So it will only take a few clicks to send a beautiful email newsletter.

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Reporting & Analytics

Keep Your Finger on The Pulse.

Our system gives the key metrics, statistics and analytics to understand every facet of your online business. The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to make quick, smart decisions based on solid information.

Don't Waste Time With Fiddly Bits.

You don't need to waste time or money on fiddly codes or add-on modules for your site. Our integrated reporting system gives you fully functional analytics capabilities, straight out of the box.

An Executive Overview.

Take a seat in the big chair. Get a complete overview of your business's performance with a range of charts and reports that you can pull up on demand, showing you who is visiting your site and what they're doing.

Measure, Evaluate, Control.

When it comes to the big decisions, you need to be informed. Our system allows you to make these decisions with confidence, based on solid analytics and reporting.

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Internet Marketing

“Internet marketing” is a broad term that encompasses many possible techniques—including email marketing—to get your name out on the Worldwide Web. Some of these powerful tools will already be built-in to your new Website, and you’ll enjoy how simple they are to use. Other more advanced techniques are also available after an individual assessment of your goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO comes with your Web site purchase. In fact, our system sends monthly updates automatically to the search engines to maximize your publicity. Without SEO, it would be difficult for the Internet search engines—or anyone else—to find you. Solid, well-planned SEO, on your site can experience a notable traffic increase. Just by plugging your site into our platform, you’re already a step ahead of the game. In fact, within 12 months after building a new site for a particular client, we were happy to report an increase from 100 visits per month to 20,000 per month simply from our built-in SEO and the client availing himself of the other tools on our platform.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM targets your audience using keywords to create the most focused marketing method possible. This is a more advanced approach (click here to see some remarkable results from our efforts) and we have a Google- and Yahoo-certified team member who specializes in this area. Contact us for a custom quote.

Social Networking

It’s that little corner of the Web that has everyone talking—literally. Word-of-mouth advertising has finally evolved into the ultimate marketing tool: online social networking enhances the natural process of people sharing with people useful information, opinions, or recommendations. Facebook alone has over 350 million users and growing. Isn‘t about time more people were talking about your work?

For example, our social network strategist raised up a wireless phone users’ site from very little traffic to over 400,000 page views per day in the first year!

As marketers, we are able to use the social networks to bring the value of your organization to the public. Our team members will construct a custom plan and navigate the overwhelming flood of information and distill it down for you into one simple set of controls with you at the helm—keeping your audience wanting more. These are advanced techniques which we will be happy to discuss if you choose to access this area of Internet marketing. Contact us for a custom quote.

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